Resource Guide

Check out these resources mentioned at the end of Getting To Zero to support you in continuing to work through conflict well.

5 Steps to calm down quickly when triggered.          Try this short process by downloading the one-pager.

Guided Meditations

NESTR Meditation

Download and listen to the free NESTR meditation where Jayson guides you through a triggering moment (one for each of the Four Disconnectors). When you don’t know how to “be with” your triggers, Getting to Zero is harder.

Hurt Kid Meditation

If no one helped you feel your emotions as a kid, it’s time to learn how. Sometimes, when you’re hurt by another person’s behavior, it can trigger what feels like a younger part of you. Download and listen to the Hurt Kid meditation to explore this part of yourself.

LUFU Guide

Commit to becoming a better listener, especially under stress. Watch this great example of LUFU in practice and download the transcript.

If you really apply yourself, this skill alone will change your relationships for life!

SHORE Examples

Commit to being a better speaker. Watch this SHORE demonstration and download the transcript of a sample conversation. The SHORE process increases your chances of being understood.

FRACKing Examples

FRACKing is how you do NOT want to listen. FRACKing won’t help you get to zero in your conflicts with others. In fact, FRACKing is often how most people listen. Notice how it kills the vibe and the connection in these examples. And, notice how it could create even more conflict.

Audio Learning

Like audio learning? If you didn’t purchase the audiobook, do that, and subscribe to my podcast The Relationship School, which is available on all the major podcast platforms. We have hundreds of episodes on all things relational and countless epi- sodes on conflict.

Hire a GTZ Coach

Need hands-on help with Getting to Zero? Hire a Getting to Zero Relationship Coach, who is well versed in the material presented in this book and who knows how to get to zero. We have coaches all over the world

Hire Jayson

Does your organization want to hire me as a speaker or facili- tator of the Getting to Zero process? I can work with you, you and the other person, or your organization privately. Just apply.

Community Support

Feeling alone and want more community? Join with others who might be reading this book in my free practice community with other global members who are also on a path of self-growth and self-awareness!

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Social Media for Daily Bites

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