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Sample Posts:

Jason Gaddis GTZ

Examples for the copy/caption: 

Option 1:

If you have ever experienced communication challenges or conflict in any of your important relationships you are going to want a copy of Getting to Zero : How to Work Through Conflict In Your High-Stakes Relationships by Jayson Gaddis. I’ve been a fan for a while and you won’t be disappointed!

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Option 2:

Record a quick video of yourself talking about an experience in which Jayson and his teachings have had an impact on your life and share why you are excited about his book!

Make sure to include this link so friends, family and followers can order a copy:

Tips For Promoting

Make your promotion go further with these tips and tricks.

  1. Use the hashtags #gettingtozerobook #gtz #relationshipsadvice #relationshipschool #jaysongaddis to boost visibility of your post and the book!
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  3. Like, share and retweet posts from any of our social media platforms
  4. Retweet positive news and/or reviews from fellow readers
  5. Post selfie photos of you with your copy when the book is in your hands!